StarThis site is no longer kept up to date since Patricia is now incapable of making updates.

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Hello and welcome, this site has grown considerably since it was first started in 1997 and I would like to thank everyone who helped make this site a success. Those of you who are interested in helping us make this site even better can help in several ways. Tell your friends about the site, or send them a printed copy of the papers (read the disclaimer on the first page).

If you have a web site, contact us; and, if your site is an appropriate one (doesn’t contain any non-Christian material or links to it–that is foul language, pornography, etc.), we will trade links or otherwise advertise depending on what you are willing to put on your site.

We would really appreciate it if you could give us any suggestions on how to better advertise our site or encourage more traffic. We are also interested in suggestions on how we can increase repeat visitors. If there is anything else that you would like to do, tell us what it is.

Finally, send us all your comments, suggestions, questions or corrections. Please help us make this site the BEST site possible so that these papers might help all the people they can. We both thank you for any help you can give us!

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