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Christian Links

The Overcoming Sons of God
A paper by G. Kirkpatrick discussing what it means to be an overcomer.

The Shepherd's Fold
A teaching ministry, with many quotes from some of the great teachers of history, and links to other Christian Sites.

Eagle's Wings
Original creative writing, art, and personal stories by many authors originally collected in a newsletter and now shared with us. New contributions are solicited and reciprocal links are welcome.

Christian Corner
Bible studies, quizzes, doctrines, seasonal topics, links and many awards received.

Sigler Ministries
Teaching on Christian lifestyles with books and tapes available free of charge. Some are available in Spanish.

Kingdom Resources
Writings and audio tapes by many different authors on present day teachings on the Kingdom of God, Reconciliation, and Sons of God.

Other Links

Overcomers Unlimited History
(Begun June 1997) The papers themselves haven't changed, though many have been added, but the look of the site is quite different and will continue to change, I�m sure, as we learn more.

Nexton Photography
If you need excellent photography for any reason, this is where you should go.