by Larry Braswell

(Used with permission)

Well, I have given this a lot of thought. It is no great shakes, something I do quite often (when I have nothing else to do). Sometimes I do it well. More often than not, I come up a bit lacking. Be that as it may, I think I may have hit upon something. Have you ever been told that as a Christian, a disciple of Jesus, there are certain fruits one is expected to produce? Certain proofs one is expected to exhibit to influence others? Much the same as a new facade on an old building might entice others to a sense of appreciation of that building.

So, consider the light bulb. If you don’t carry it as far as breaking it down into its constituent elements, glass coming from sand and metal from ore, but as a light bulb, created and ready to serve a purpose, it could serve well.

That being said, what is a light bulb’s natural state, without intervention or influence from any outside force? I contend that its natural state is fragile, cold and dark, usually taking up residence in a storage space that is often just as cold, just as dark. There it remains until it is called to duty. It doesn’t do anything while in storage, it is incapable of doing anything. Although it was designed and created for a purpose, there is no awareness, no motivation, no valid dynamism. It sits. It sits and takes up space and collects dust. I guess one could consider that a vocation, letting time pass simply waiting for final disposition.

When/if the call comes, however, through no volition of its own, it is taken from its accustomed environment and moved to a different one. Things are usually a bit different here. More conducive to what it was created for. It is then introduced to its proper place in the domain, and power is applied. Once this power courses through its (for the sake of this analogy) being, it produces the fruit it was intended for. Light. But not just light, along with the light comes an appreciable amount of warmth as a by product of its primary function.

Just being, as intended by its creator, it displaces and pushes away the surrounding darkness. Where there is much darkness, it garners much attention. It draws other beings to it. While it has the Power rushing through it, it is clearly evident. While the light flows, it is also radiating warmth, which also benefits those willing to come closer and investigate, and perhaps wonder at what is providing this object with its apparent liveliness.

There is nothing that it does; it just doesn’t stop the Power. The power flowing through it is what provides the light, provides the heat. Without the power, it does nothing.

So I guess what I am saying is, when God calls you to Him, He is the power that flows through you to shine into a dark world. There is nothing you need do, but respond to that Power and let what it naturally produces in you be the fruit that you bear. That is how we best influence others, that is the example we should set and the witness we live. Not ‘look how good I am because of what I am doing for Him.’ It is what He is doing in and with us that provides the light and the warmth that draws others to Him.

September 1, 2007